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Why you should consider learning Flutter in 2020?

Flutter  - flutter images - Why you should consider learning Flutter in 2020?

Flutter is free and open source mobile UI framework released in May 2017 by google. By using flutter, you can create native mobile application with single codebase. This means you can use one codebase and one programming language to create apps for two different platform i.e. android and ios. Flutter consist of two important parts:

  1. A framework (UI library based on widgets)
  2. An SDK (software development framework)

To develop an app using flutter, you will use programming language called dart. Dart is a typed object programming language. This language was created by google in 2011.

 Why you should learn flutter?


  1. Easy to learn and use

Flutter is modernized framework and it is quite easy to create native mobile applications without bunch of complex code.

  1. Quick compilation

With flutter, you can change your code and see changes in real time. You can use hot reload and hot restart feature to see changes almost instantly.

  1. Nice documentation

It’s  important for new technology to have good documentation.  Flutter has provide easy documentation in which everything is very detailed and explained with example.

  1. Supported by VS code and android studio

Flutter is available on different integrated development environments.  The two main code editors used for app development are Android Studio and VS code. You can download flutter and dart plugin to get started building an app.

  1. Freelance

If you want to make money by doing some freelance work, you must think about learning flutter. In 2020 flutter is going to explode in app development industry. And it means lot of people are going to search developers who know flutter.


Well, what do you think about flutter? Be sure to share us via comment. I hope that this introduction has motivated you to learn flutter. Feel free to share this article with your friends if you liked it.

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