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Python is a versatile object oriented programming language written by Guido van Rossum in 1990. This programming language allows you to control what computer does and the way it does it. It is used everywhere in developing space. It is one of the most popular and easy programming language to learn for beginners. If you are thinking to learn python or if you recently started learning it, you may be asking yourself what can I do with python? In this blog we have summarize important application of python. What exactly can you use python for?

• Web development
Python has been largely used for web development. Django and pyramid are the most popular Web development framework based on python. So, you can easily build a cool website from scratch without feeling overwhelmed. You can also take advantage of micro framework like flask and Bottle. If you are a beginner, Flask is probably a better choice because there are fewer components you are going to deal with. If you want advanced content management you can go for Django. Django provides all inclusive experience, you can get admin panel, database interface, an ORM and directory structure for your project.

• Data science
Python can be used for machine learning, data analysis and data visualisation. You can create cool stuff like, voice recognition, face recognition, fingerprint identification and spam detection by using machine learning. You can setup this by using python modules like scikit learn, Tensorflow and Theano. We have already seen that python is used for data analysis at Spotify. The one of the most popular library for data analysis and data visualisation is Matplotlib. It’s because other libraries like seaborn are based on it and it is easy to get started with.

• Scripting
Scripts are small programs that are designed to automate simple tasks. Let me give you an example to explain more deeply. There are tons of emails in my inbox and I have to respond to those emails. So, I have to search for similar emails and send them a reply. Doing this manually for every email is time consuming and boring. Instead of doing this, you can write scripts to search similar keywords from email and respond to all of them at once. These are the three important applications of python. As python is a versatile programming language you can do many different things by using it. Other than these you can do following things by using python.

• Develop a game by using library PyGame.
• Create desktop application by using Tkinter.
• Can use scipy for scientific and numeric computing.
• Mobile app development by using tools like Toga and VOC.

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