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The Modern Coder Editor should speed up the development process in a fun and engaging manner. Day to Day, Developer is in search of such a code editor.
Today We will be discussing the top 5 Code Editor for Front End Web Developer in 2019. Hope you will enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Table of Content
1. Visual Studio Code
2. Sublime Text Editor
3. Brackets
4. Atom
5. Notepad ++

So letโ€™s discuss each of them one by one.

1. Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code also Known as VScode is the Most Popular, Light Weighted and Free Code developed by Microsoft. This Software is loved and used by more than 34.9% of the developers.

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Similarly, VScode has got a comprehensive suite of editing and debugging tools, and itโ€™s also very extensible.
Likewise, The new feature of VScode has made the process of version control via git which make more easier. vscode got inbuilt git Integration which allows to quickly add and commit your Project. I personally like this Feature of VScode.VScode has got tons of Extension for easy and rapid development. For each Project, You can have different Extension that helps you to complete your project faster.

2.Sublime Text Editor
Sublime Text Editor is both paid and free code editor. If you have a low-end PC and searching for a lightweight code editor than Sublime Text Editor maybe God for you.

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However, this code editor pops up purchase license box but you can ignore that box and continue Free Version.
This code editor has got Syntax Highlight, Auto Indentation, File Type Recognition, Sidebar, Macros, Plug-in and Packages that make it easy for working with the codebase. It comes with many Programming Language Support.It is more lightweight as compared to other code editors. It has also got git integration software but you have to install it separately. There is also package and Packages which should be install separately.

Brackets is an open-source, cross-platform code editor developed and released by Adobe.
They target the front-end web developer mainly focuses on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Similarly, Brackets have also a feature of Live Preview which allows developers to quickly reload HTML on their browser and also able to get the real-time preview on their project.

Atom is another free, cross-platform and open-source code editor that was developed and released by GitHub using Electron Programming Language(also developed by GitHub).

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Atom also provides syntax highlighting, code completion and code folding and has native support for dozens of different programming languages.
Similarly to the VS Code, it also features a powerful pair programming tool called Teletype that allows multiple developers to join an isolated session and work together.
Atom can also be extended using Atom-IDE which is a set of optional packages to extend and add more language integrations, context-aware language completion and more.

5. Notepad ++
Notepad++ is an advanced code editor that was released in 2003 and only is available for the Windows platform. It is also used and loved by 34% of web developers according to StackOverflow Developer Survey for 2017.

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It is a lightweight and has got the support of various programming languages, but Notepad++ is famous for HTML editor. Conclusion Choosing the best code editor is the first step of going forward to Programming. The best idea is to give a try to all of the Code Editor and stick with that and after some time you will be able to find the best one.

Once you find your best code editor then you can master it too.
Which is Your favorite code Editor and Why? What Part of code Editor do you like the most? Definitely, you should try the comment Section. Have a Good Day

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