top 10 weird websites on the internet - weird websites - Top 10 Weird Websites On The Internet

The internet is a wonderful and exciting place to visit. In 2018 it was estimated that the internet hosted 1.6 billion websites according to etlivestats. It will take you 3000 years to visit all of them but happily among them we have listed the top 10 weird websites that will make you amaze.

1. Zoomquit
Zoomquit is a mind-blowing website which keeps zooming infinitely. Be careful, it takes you deeper and deeper.

2. Pointerpointer
This is another amazing website. Simply you have to point your cursor and find an image of people pointing the finger towards the cursor.

3. Nooooooooooo
A perfect website to visit when you are having a bad day and want to scream loud but you cannot because of getting fired from the work.

4. patience-is-a-virtue
This is a clever website which keeps infinite loading. Do you want to test your patience or stupidity?

5. Stagger
A weird type of black creature moves according to your cursor. If you shake the mouse the background colour will be changed.

6. Deathdate
Death date is a mysterious website where you can find when you are going to die, what you will be in your next life, calculate love between two lovers.

7. Eelslap
Eelslap is a website where you can show all your frustration. Imagine that you are an eel and slap to somebody who you are angry with.

8. Mapcrunch
Mapcrunch is a website which teleports you to a random place of the world selected by Google street view location.

9. Windows 93
If you have not used old windows 95 operating system then you should definitely use it to see the difference between windows 10 and windows 95. some cool feature include shutdown, reboot, make folder, open application etc

10. Make-everything-Ok
make everything ok is an interesting website that provides a button to solve all life’s problem. Although it doesn’t solve your problem but at least it helps to calm, relax Which website impressed you? Comment down below or leave your reactions!

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