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Top 10 Websites to Learn to Code Learning how to code will let us build that awesome website, app or software which you always dreamed of so here at TechWarner, we have listed out some of the best websites where you can start learning to code for free. So, let’s jump right into the list!

1. W3 Schools
W3Schools is an optimized website for learning, testing, and training. It’s free to learn from this site. It provides tutorials and references on web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Python, jQuery, Java, W3.CSS, and Bootstrap, covering most aspects of web programming. It focuses on simplicity by practising easy and straight-forward learning. One can start from the basic level and reach up to professional level learning from this site. The site has Tryit yourself feature for every tutorial which is the best part. Link:

2. freeCodeCamp
freeCodeCamp has interactive learning platform designed to make web development accessible to anyone. There are several skills to choose from including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript along with many others. If you ever need assistance there is an active forum where you can get help from other coders. When you begin a lesson on freeCodeCamp you just read and follow the instructions on the screen, finish it and go to another challenge. Link:

3. LeetCode
LeetCode is another great website focused on intermediate and advanced coders. LeetCode organizes contests on a weekly and monthly basis. Completing their challenges and winning the contests earns you cash prizes and gift cards. LeetCode provides you with challenges from algorithms, system design, shell, database, functional programming, and many more categories. It also helps one to prepare for great jobs. Link:

4. CodinGame
CodinGame is a technology company editing an online platform for developers, allowing them to play with programming with increasingly difficult puzzles, to learn to code better with an online programming application supporting twenty-five programming languages, and to compete in multiplayer programming contests involving timed artificial intelligence, or code golf challenges. CodinGame also serves as a recruiting platform, allowing developers to get noticed by companies based on their performance on the contests. Link:

5. Geeks for Geeks
Geeks for Geeks is the well-designed and wide range tutorials store for the beginners. Anybody can grow advanced learning from this site. This website also offers step by step preparation, company preparation, top topics, company-specific practice, software design pattern, placement preparation courses, interview corner, all previous interview experiences, GQ home page, quiz corner, LMNs, etc. The new features that have never ever been used are also part of this website. Those features are leader board, subjective problems, and many difficulty levels. Languages that you can learn from this website are C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, and school programming. Link:

6. Khan Academy
Khan Academy is well known for having content on subjects from math to economics. Along with other subjects, it also offers beginners
courses in computer programming for HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL. They also offer advanced courses as well. Link:

7. CodeWars
This fun, the martial arts-themed website offers a high variety of coding challenges done in more than 20 programming languages. It’s meant for beginners and intermediate coders and it offers progressive challenges as you advance with your coding skills. Each challenge has its own discussion board and user solutions. Through these challenges, you earn points, climb rankings and unlock advanced challenges. Link:

8. Treehouse
Treehouse courses are more project-oriented than language-oriented, so they are perfect for a novice programmer with a planned purpose, such as building a website, or an application. For example, the Websites course is all about building a responsive website, interactive website or even WordPress theme – a very practical and efficient way to master related languages. Nonetheless, they have released a plethora of foundation courses with a video-then-quiz approach. Link:

9. The Odin Project
The Odin Project takes all the guesswork out of learning web development. When you’re trying to learn to program on your own it can be difficult to put all the skills you’re learning together. You know the pieces to the puzzle, but you can’t quite figure out where they go. This platform has created a logical process from the best educational sources available on the web. Furthermore, you will learn to build projects along the way and have an active community to help you through the process. Link:

10. is built with the goal of making programming a part of the regular education curriculum. Over a million people have used this site to further their programming knowledge and skills. The education approach you take is up to you. You can dive into the one-hour tutorials, or take a more structured approach. Link:

What do you think about the list? Did you like it? Which programming language will you learn? Comment down below or leave your reactions 🙂

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