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Some of you may be familiar with words jailbreaking on iPhone, iPad or an iPod. Jailbreaking and rooting make similar sense in iOS and Android respectively. Jailbreaking an ios device allow you to download a third-party app, tweak and modify your device. The same thing on android is rooting.

While rooting can be useful in unlocking cool features. It is most useful for an app developer. What is rooting? Rooting is the process in which all the limitations are removed and users are provided full access to the operating system. You can get privileged control over various android subsystem. Rooting is performed to overcome limitations that hardware manufacturer put on the devices.

Rooting your phone offers full access to the android operating system and you can get extra control over smartphones setting and feature.

Advantages of rooting an android phone Rooting your android phone offers benefits that include: •

• Run special app There are a number of apps available in play store that just work in a rooted device. Many of these apps give greater control over the phone like more customization and battery management option.

• Remove preinstalled apps Rooting your Android phone allows you to remove unwanted preinstalled apps from the phone.

• Free up memory In normal phone, when you install an app on your phone, it is stored in the phone’s memory. It is possible to store apps in sd card by rooting. You can free up memory for system memory or for additional files or apps.

• Completely backup your data There are apps in playstore that can backup your data without rooting but they are a bit limited as they can only backup your data like apps, contacts and media files. You can backup, restore, freeze your apps + data + Market links by using Titanium backup.

• Block ads You can remove those ads pops up when you are using the free app and Browsing the web. For example, while you are playing free games, you can see ads appear in the top of your screen which interrupts your gameplay. After rooting you can easily remove those ads and surf ad-free android.

Disadvantages of rooting

• Your mobile warranty will be void Some of the Chinese companies like Xiaomi, one plus doesn’t void the device warranty of rooted device but most of the companies like Samsung, Motorola, Micromax, Intex, HTC etc. Void the warranty of the rooted phone.

• Poor performance The intention of rooting is to improve phone performance and unlock cool features. Some users add additional feature, As a result, their phone lost both performance speed and features.

 • Virus and malware When we root our phones, we break the security shield of the android operating system. Then now its smartphone owner’s responsibility to secure the phone from hackers. Many hackers create a malicious app all around the world if we install any of those apps they have access to any information from our phone.

• Android version update You will not get android version update instantly in the rooted device but this is not applicable to all brands.

• Chance of bricking Rooting your Android phone is a little bit complex process. If you do any mistake while rooting your phone, then there is a high chance of bricking and a bricked phone is unusable.

There are a large number of users who use smartphones without root. It is just a myth that the advantages mentioned above can only be formed by a rooted smartphone, with the evolution of technology many things can be done without rooting a device. Rooting a smartphone might be riskier to moderate user. We recommend you not to root your phone, if you are not familiar with android tools, how to fix issues by using command line etc. Root can be fun to play around with, but it can lead to plenty of frustration.

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