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PUBG Mobile – Season 8 Leaked Features Is Here

pubg mobile - season 8 leaked features is here - pubg - PUBG Mobile – Season 8 Leaked Features Is Here

Pubg mobile season 7 is going to end and every pubg players are wondering about the season 8 Features and the pubg Mobile season 8 features have been leaked recently by a YouTuber named Mr Ghost Gaming for the first time.

See the embedded video below. There are many features which are added to Pubg Mobile Season 8 in comparison with Season 7.

As per the rumours leaked, there is the ‘Ocean Theme ‘, Royal Pass and many more.
The season 8 Royale Pass has some new skins, weapons, emotes. Among all the leaked features, Many Pubg players eye will go on ‘Ghost Gaming’, Octopus tentacles logo, blue colour skin for DP8 on the basis of ocean crate.
PP Bizon ( 9mm gun ) and a new mission named ‘Preservance’ has been added in Season 8.
According to Mr Ghost gaming , it has been said that , PUBG Mobile Season 8 will feature new achievement tier,updated profile avatars and ocean crates.

Season 7 is yet to end and it is expected new PUBG Mobile Season 8 to begin by the third of this month. It is also expected to update the game to beta version 0.13.4 and later on 0.13.5.
The cost of the PUBG mobile Season 8 royale pass same as usual i.e 600 UC.

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