How to secure your Google account - secure gmail account - How to secure your Google account

Your Google account includes emails, photos, drive, youtube channel, adsense etc. What if other get your details and misused it? we know that “prevention is better than cure”. So, before your account get hacked, you should follow the safety measures given below to secure your google account. So let’s get started

1. Enable two step verification
As like many online portal Google also supports two-step verification. This add extra security layer to secure your account. If somebody got your email password, they don’t have access to your account as they have to pass 2 step-verification. You can use Google prompt or authenticator app as a second step of verification . To setup two step verification, Go to and head toward the security setting. From there you can change your password, change authentication type, add recovery email and phone number.

2. Create a strong password
Never use your name, birthdate, let name, address, and consecutive numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. as your password. If you do this, Hacker can easily guess or crack your password. Your password must be hard for others to guess. A strong password will be at least 10 characters long and it must contain uppercase letter, lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols. The longer your password is, the more difficult to hacker to crack it. Make sure that,you should not use the same password on other sites.

3. Add a recovery
Phone number and email Adding recovery phone number and email allows you to gain access to your even your forget your password. If your account got hacked, then you can recover your account by using your recovery email and phone number. Make sure that no one has access to your email and phone number. To add or change recovery phone number and email go to and head toward the security tab. You can change add or remove recovery phone number and email as your need.

4. Go through Google security checkup
Google has a simple three step security check up system which lets you check the security of your account and ensures that your account is used by others or not. The three steps are explained below.

Step 1: This step let you configure account recovery option and track changes.
Step 2: This step show all the devices connected to your Google account. If you see any unknown device, you can click on something wrong and you have to change the password immediately.
Step 3: In this step you can see all the apps and sites connected to your Gmail account.

You can revoke access and check what they are using. These are the most important steps you should follow to secure your gmail account. You must update your recovery info when you do not have access to previous recovery email or phone number. Always browse in guest mode or incognito mode in others PC. Never enter your log in details in a less secure site. I would like to remind you to take precaution and following safety rules while browsing the web.
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