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How to secure your Facebook account?

How to secure your Facebook account?

Facebook have grown billions of users and it contains enough data for the hacker to use for either money or blackmail. 

There are many ways in which your Facebook data can be misused. So, keeping your Facebook account safe must be your main priority. 

It is not hard to keep your Facebook account safe. I bet, if you follow all the steps given below, then no one can hack your Facebook account.

Ways to secure your Facebook account 


1. Enable two-step verification 

This feature sends you an authentication message to your phone every time you log in to your Facebook account. You can enable this feature by using third-party apps and Facebook verification mechanism. 

Facebook will send you unique that will enable you to access Facebook in that session only. Once the session has ended, you need another unique code sent by Facebook to access your account. This feature is so powerful that, if hacker cracked your password, still he doesn't have access to your account.

I know it is a little bit uneasy to go through all that instead of single-click login. If your Facebook account is your priority then you should follow this to keep your account more secure.


2. Protect yourself from spyware and malware

The problem of hacking is not only based on the web. A person hacks your data through the malicious software which you may have installed unknowingly in your device. 

Some of this software could also lead to spam pop up ads on to your browser. You can avoid this by using spyware, adware and malware remover. 


3. Enable login notification 

This feature helps you to get notified when someone is trying to access your account. It means that, when your account details are entered from an unknown device that you haven't used before, then Facebook will notify you via email, Facebook inbox, and mobile inbox.

You can enable this feature through your Facebook account settings. Be sure to provide both phone number and email for notification. 


4. Use strong password and update regularly

One of the most effective ways to secure your Facebook account is using strong password and upgrade it in a regular basis. A strong password is a combination of letters, numbers and special symbols more than 10 letters. So, don't keep your Facebook password in easy predictable way which can be guessed by anyone. 

And I also like to share one important thing regarding your account security that never uses the same password for multiple sites. 


5. Be careful from phishing attack 

One of the most popular ways to hack Facebook account is phishing. Most phishing and virus activities are found in adult and torrent sites. If you are a frequent visitor ( not judging ) always clear your data before someone gain access to your account.

Always enter your login details in the Facebook official site only. Hackers can send you a link to similar page that looks like Facebook to steal your data. So, be sure to enter your Facebook data in sites starting with https:// .

These are the 5 simple steps that you can follow to secure your Facebook account. I hope this post will be helpful for you to gain some good knowledge about your account security on Facebook. If you have any doubts or queries regarding this article then please leave your query in the comment box. 


Bibek Acharya

Bibek Acharya

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