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Google launches new app that teaches you new things every day

Tangi app  - Google Tangi 1160x653 1 - Google launches new app that teaches you new things every day

Whether it’s home improvement, cooking, or beauty, YouTube has become the platform over the years for tutorials and other guides. Google launched Tangi because it thinks that this type of contain needs it’s own home.

The app aims to be your video go-to for creativity and DIY videos. Tangi is an experimental app  which was born out of Google’s internal incubator called Area 120, and it hosts short-form video guides and how-to clips.

 Tangi contains 60 second videos which are divided into Art, Cooking, DIY, Fashion and Beauty, and Lifestyle categories as likely as YouTube categories. But there is no technology category up to yet, for that you need to lookout YouTube or somewhere else, for example: root  phone or fix phone screens etc.

There became a race to launch short video making apps later success of Tik tok.

Market of short form videos seems to be growing exponentially. Last week, Vine’s spiritual successor-Byte was launched.Instagram has also revealed a brand new feature Reels which allow you to make 15-second video clips set to music and share them as stories.

There is one issue, iOS users are only able to use this app and Android users should use website instead. Google is ignoring its own mobile platform which Google has done this before. How weird is this?

This is an experimental app rather than a full-blown release, allowing Google to know reactions and user behavior before deciding on the next step.

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