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Best Website to download Premium Software Free & Legally

Best Website to download Premium Software Free & Legally - No more cracked softwares - Best Website to download Premium Software Free & Legally

There are countless numbers of a website to download cracked software. A Recent study has shown that 80% of software downloaded from unknown source contain virus, trojan, adware. Such behaviour can also put you in the risk according to the cyber law of that nation. If you are a student or you have a low budget then in this article we are going to share how you can get that awesome premium software for free legally! Software companies which sell software also conduct a giveaway of their products for a certain period of time frequently and it is completely legal and you don’t have to use cracked software to use those awesome VPN’s or Photo Editor or Password Manager or any other software.

That’s why I have listed the top 10 best giveaway websites where you can find and download paid software in free legally.

1.         Sharewareonsale is one of the best websites to download paid software for free. There are programs for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android. Every day it provides interesting software giveaway.

2.    Giveawayoftheday provides paid licensed of software for free. It provides one or two useful software for free every day. This software is available to download for a period of 24 hours otherwise it will expire. You can find premium programs for Window, Android, iPhone along with games.

3.   Giveawyclub is another best website to download windows software for free. The software will be available for a certain period of time for two or three days. The best part of this website is that it offers you to download paid software for free for a “Lifetime Access” rather than a certain period of time 1 year or 2 years.

4. is an amazing game and software giveaway website on the internet. To download software and game you have to share it on various social media. Furthermore, it also plays a giveaway contest where random people are selected and giveaway is given.

5. Giveawayradar.weebly   Giveaway Radar is a website where you can find giveaway from a various provider, all in one place. However, this site doesn’t include antivirus, VPN. It also provides long term giveaway.

6. Techno360  Techno360 is another interesting website that provides a giveaway for mostly Android and Windows. It provides a safe download link for those programs.

7. net-load  Netload is a good giveaway website. It offers Window, Mac, Linux, Android, ios application. It has a discount option also. This website is easier to use.

8. TopWareSale TopWareSale provides most of the windows and mac software in massively discounted price. It offers one software 100% discount every two or three days.

9. Malwaretips   Malwaretips is the largest forum website which offers free paid and cracked software. Most of the time you need to share the giveaway on social media to get the download link.

10. Most I want  Most I want is a reliable website to download paid software for Mac and Window only. It has a friendly user interface. In the giveaway section, it provides currently running a giveaway and expired giveaway. Among Top 10 website which you find most useful let me know in the comment section!

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