Best Strategies to Learn Programming - best strategies to learn programming - Best Strategies to Learn Programming

Learning programming is fun but it will be a boring thing to do if you don’t know the proper strategies to follow while learning to program. You may get various learning option while learning to program and utilizing all the available resources is a challenge for us everyone and while we are beginners we need some guidance so that our coding career become smooth and interesting. Some of the strategies to learn programming are mentioned below

1. Conceptual learning and Hands-on learning.

If you are learning something the first thing you will do is read about it and try to get as much knowledge as you can about the topic before you Implement it or share the knowledge with someone. It’s the same thing with coding, if you’re a beginner you must learn the basics first before you start to code and you learn about it through books, watching tutorial video where you are not actively participating in coding and this way of learning is called conceptual learning (passive learning) and Hands-on learning is something that you are implementing the things you learned actively through writing code so it is also called active learning. The best key to start your career as a developer is to maintain a proper ratio of conceptual learning and hands-on learning. If you are a beginner it can be 2:1 i.e. for 2hrs of conceptual learning 1hrs of coding what you learned.

Best Strategies to Learn Programming - Microsoft bosque programming language 300x169 - Best Strategies to Learn Programming

2. Start small and be patience

Coding is not something that you can master in a single day. It requires dedication and patience. The common mistake beginners do is that they try to Learn whole things in few days, learn some basic and they try to make a lengthy program or vast program which make them feel “programming is boring” but programming is an interesting thing if you start small and practice patiently. Don’t try to learn everything in a few days rather try to learn a few things at a time and make some interesting program and have fun with it. It will be a great journey if you start your programming journey patiently and move ahead gradually.

3. Practice what you learned Imagine

you are learning to program and you’re really working hard for it, you’re reading books, taking online classes, watching tutorial videos. And when you sit to write some code you can’t remember its syntax and you are not able to think how to solve the problems which are in the code and again programming becomes boring for you and all these problems occur because you don’t practice it enough. The main reason that you may be bad at writing code is less practice. If you want to start your career as a developer you must practice and be ready to learn new things every day.

4. Solve minor coding challenges

Solving various coding challenge can take your skills to the next level. Solving the coding challenges not only enhance your skill but also can boost your confidence so that you can face every problem in coding confidently. There are various website which gives you different coding challenge where you can boost your confidence and programming capability. Solving these challenges is fun and these tasks will surely make you programming journey great. And prepare you to face various challenges which you may face in your career. Some of such websites are:

5. Use various learning
platform Utilizing the resources is the perfect things you can do to learn something. You should be an open-minded person to learn something deeply and should find various ways to learn, resources to learn. You can find the various platform to learn code and you should be focused to learn from those platforms. You can learn through websites, books, e-books, apps and even take tutoring class. You can choose any of these ways to learn to program because the only things that matter while you are learning something is your focus and without proper focus, you will fail to learn some things even if you got some best learning platform.

6. Tutoring other what you learned

If you want to improve your skills the best way you can do is by tutoring others. This is a great way to recall what you learned and you are also helping someone to learn new things. You can master your skill if you share it with other people. Tutoring others also help you to improve your presentation skills. Repeating things, again and again, help you to understand the topic better which will help you in your coming future too.

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